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Development and management of an e-commerce system

Online sales - more than just trading. From developing a customer online cart to creating a full-cycle management system for an online store, we know what to do.

Strategy and consultation

We develop online business strategies.
Work with e-commerce means designing a business that starts with information support, market analysis, competitor analysis, and determining all factors necessary for business modeling.

Technological platforms and management integration

Technologies support the project, not vice versa
We have many years of experience implementing e-commerce on various platforms. We guarantee the stable operation of the store and its excellent interaction with various CRM-systems.

Store development

We develop the best online retail space.
E-commerce site development begins with an analysis of the company, product characteristics and the industry sector. We develop online sales space by deeply thinking through the design. We clearly define the strategic functions of the project. The main goals for us are efficiency, simplicity and flexibility.

Online Sales Statistics

Russian users shop online
Smartphone sales increase in 2017
The number of user clickthroughs to the online store via search engines

Content Management and Promotions

We have created the most effective online sales window.
One of the most important factor in online store's sales is its content. Our store management system provides control over offerings, promotions, discount coupons and updates of the product catalog.

Web marketing

We use a wide range of advertising techniques on the Internet.
We develop marketing plans for our clients and provide support. We provide in email marketing, advanced SEO, social media marketing, and mass media marketing.

Why do shop online?

cheaper 37,1%
more convenient 32,8%
saves time 19,8%
possible to compare prices 12,8%

Customer relationship & order management

We take care of the customer at all stages of the purchase process.
Our multilingual and multichannel customer service network provides assistance at various stages of shopping. We also manage the order process, provide information to customers, interact with logistics and financial partners, monitor delivery, manage returns, monitor payments, and provide information security.

Legal, tax, administrative, and financial management

We make sure that all rules and procedures are followed correctly.
We undertake legal, tax, administrative, and accounting management. Additionally, the scope of our activities includes fraud prevention, personal identifiable information management, transaction tracking, payment management, and all paperwork administration.

Logistics and Shipping

We guarantee the quality, speed and efficiency of the processing and delivery process.
We believe that working with high quality standards is essential for managing e-commerce. We take care of logistics & supply management, and work only with professionals.

Internationalization and markets

We help to adapt projects for different markets around the world.
The approach to the international market requires creating integrated solutions for the structured and effective use of the company's products by customers all over the world. We provide personal strategic advice and assistance regarding entering the international market.

Business analytics

We constantly monitor the store to improve its efficiency.
Monitoring and constant optimization of the online store are the fundamental aspects of e-commerce management. After setting the goals and determining performance indicators, our experts evaluate sales results, analyze conversions, optimize advertising campaigns, and establish improvement measures necessary for maximum efficiency.