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Radical risk reduction regarding computer security. A revolutionary look at information security. Additional opportunities to investigate information security incidents.

SMMA System Description

Resolving information security issues using Shoot Me My Account system. System consists of video recording of all individuals, mask recognition, “photo substrate,” or other deception attempts. This system is revolutionary for forensic analysis. Now, in the case of unauthorized access, security teams and law enforcement agencies immediately receive a photo and geo-coordinates of the attackers.

The main threats
in modern IT-systems on the user side

Malware infections, attacks through the use of so-called "fakes," and other social engineering, the use of device zero-day vulnerabilities for unauthorized access, physical theft of devices & physical attacks on owners, unauthorized access to databases, and brute-force attacks .

Solutions using SMMA

SMMA makes it extremely dangerous for an attacker to steal money and gain unauthorized access because the face of the suspect becomes immediately available to law enforcement agencies and security teams. The main factors of installing an SMMA system are additional account security, replacement of CAPTCHA services, additional capabilities in incident investigation, a unified database of suspicious individuals, and the inability to bypass the system without video capture.

Compliance with the personal data laws

The SMMA system does not store user and customer data. Our integrated database only receives video recordings with no identifiable information. The identification of video recordings take place on the client side - we only provide the access date and the client ID at the access point, thereby not being carriers of identifiable information. Also, the SMMA system is not an access authorization system, it is an additional link in the information security chain. The software elements of SMMA do not have access to user entered data - thus, we do not store trade or other secrets. So our service does not fall under the privacy and data encryption laws.