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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality technologies represent a new world view that goes beyond the boundaries of the physical world but is extremely reliable from a cognitive and emotional point of view. New VR and AR applications can enrich the company's ecosystem by allowing the customers to more deeply immerse themselves with its projects.

Images in virtual reality

VR and AR technology allow you to create 3D images and photos in high resolution and view them with 360 degree angle.


Virtual showroom

Imagine that there are no geographical, physical, or logistic boundaries for your showroom. Imagine that you can showcase your products anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. VR technology allows you to create any design exhibition space. The userы will be able to immerse themselves in your atmosphere and study your products presented in the virtual space in great detail.


Company product configuration

VR and AR technologies completely revolutionize the shopping process. Imagine that you can allow your customers to customize the product - color, configuration, other small details. By using VR and AR technologies, the process of customizing a product becomes incredibly exciting, interactive, and informative. The possibilities of implementing this function are endless and help consumers have a more comfortable and conscious online shopping.


VR and AR mobile technologies

Mobile platform is the most natural environment for creating VR and AR projects. By combining sets of tools, such as image tracking and surroundings detection with camera & geolocation, companies can develop specialized mobile applications for their projects.


VR and AR games

Virtual and Augmented Reality are creative platforms for creating gaming applications. They give life to new advertising formats. Gaming content in VR and AR allows companies to promote their brand making it more exciting and relatable to the user.


VR and AR learning applications

Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies unlock enormous potential in creating learning applications. These technologies help to plunge into the world of science, making the process incredibly exciting and beautiful. The range of VR and AR technologies use in science is incredibly wide - from landscape design to the study of space and the structure of the human body.